Motors, Drives, and Integrated Systems


GA is on the forefront of the design and manufacture of high density power drives, high speed permanent magnet motors, and integrated drive system solutions for a wide range of oil/gas, energy, maritime, mining, industrial, transportation and defense industry applications. We excel at product customization to suit specific application and customer requirements.

Integrated Medium Voltage Drive Systems
For OEMs and system integrators, GA is a single source solution for the design and manufacture of integrated, adjustable high speed power drive systems.   

GA's proven medium voltage power inverter modules (MVP-PI) and advanced permanent magnet motors (MVP-PMM) come together in seamless, integrated system designs suitable for new and retrofit applications. By providing greater power efficiencies and higher reliability, GA's integrated drive solutions offer a significant opportunity for customers to improve performance while reducing capital, operational, space and lifecycle maintenance costs.

 Medium Voltage Power Inverter Modules
GA's MVP-PI modules offer high power density, greater reliability, and more efficient liquid-cooled thermal management to ensure operational performance under the most severe environmental conditions. GA's MVP-PIs are smaller, lighter weight modules that can easily be configured as an Active Front End (AFE) or Inverter (INV), helping reduce space requirements or the need to accommodate additional power conversion components.

High Speed, High Power Permanent Magnet Motors
GA has a history of designing linear, superconducting and conventional rotating motors and electromagnetic technologies to meet a variety of performance, reliability, and power requirements.  GA's high speed permanent magnet motor technology combines advanced composite magnet retention for constant power over extended speed range while maintaining high efficiency and subcritical rotor dynamics.  The result is a more efficient, compact, higher speed power solution to accommodate even the most demanding operational and environmental requirements.