GA and the ITER International Energy Project

ITER is an unprecedented scientific partnership joining 35 nations including the U.S., representing more than half the population of the world. The research and development project aims to demonstrate the feasibility of fusion power as a clean-energy resource on a global scale.

The objective of the ITER project is to gain the knowledge necessary for the design of the next step: a fusion power plant. In ITER, scientists will study plasmas under conditions similar to those expected in a future power plant. ITER will be the first fusion experiment to produce net power – generating greater energy than it takes to produce the fusion reaction. ITER is important to gain future knowledge by testing key technologies, including heating, control, diagnostics and remote maintenance.

ITER is a high priority project in the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science, and its success is critical for fusion energy to move forward in the U.S. and in the world. The success of ITER is the highest priority of the GA’s DIII-D program.

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ITER Member Agencies:

ITER site in France

Director General 

ITER Council