Alternative Energy

General Atomics is involved in research and development of the microalgae technology necessary for our country to transition away from hydrocarbon oil imports toward an economy based on renewable, sustainable and secure biofuels derived from totally U.S.-grown microalgae.

Military bases generate a large quantity of material that is sent off-base as waste. These materials could be used for power generation; however, the current technology for conversion of waste to power (incineration) generates pollutants such as dioxins and furans, acid gases, and hazardous particulates.

General Atomics was awarded a contract to develop and build a solid waste-to-energy converter under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Mobile Integrated Sustainable Energy Recovery (MISER) program.

Battlefield Plastic Waste to Energy
General Atomics (GA), along with West Central Cooperative (West Central), was awarded a contract for design, construction, and developmental testing of a biofuel system designed to recover energy from plastics associated with "battlefield clutter".