General Atomics Launches New Full Spectrum Imaging System For Forensic Evidence Capture

General Atomics Launches New Full Spectrum Imaging System For Forensic Evidence Capture

SAN DIEGO – 30 July 2021 - General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS) announced today the launch of its next generation Full Spectrum Imaging System (FSIS) at the International Association of Identification (IAI) conference being held August 2-7 in Nashville, TN.  The FSIS II incorporates a powerful new color camera and patented software to provide customers 10 times greater scan and processing speeds to capture high-resolution images of biological, chemical, pattern, and trace evidence from curved, textured and flat surfaces.  FSIS II will be on display in the Arrowhead Forensics, GA-EMS’ exclusive reseller, exhibit booth during the IAI conference.

“FSIS II provides game-changing capabilities to speed up the scanning process across the full UV, visible and IR spectral range, allowing users to search, detect and capture the highest resolution images of trace evidence in full color,” said Scott Forney, president of GA-EMS. “FSIS II brings together advanced camera capabilities with innovative software to shorten the time it takes to scan for and capture evidence imagery, helping get critical evidence processed faster and more efficiently than ever before.”

FSIS cameras provide the optimum range of sensitivity, shutter speed and aperture to capture images of evidence such as fingerprints, palm prints, altered documents, body fluids, footwear, fumed prints, and dye-stained prints, as well as micro evidence up to 4,800 pixels per inch and larger objects such as footprints and tire tracks. The FSIS Paint-by-Light feature extends imaging capabilities across a broad range of surfaces, eliminating the potential for errors caused by photo-stitching processes. The system’s LatentMaster software allows for easy image enhancement while preserving the chain of evidence with a complete audit trail and process history. In addition, FSIS software allows for easy file import and export for use with image modification software such as Photoshop®.

“Other systems require users to overlap or “stitch” multiple images together to create a complete image,” added Nick Bucci, vice president, Missile Defense and Space Systems. “Stitching can introduce variables into the final image, with the potential of compromising the accuracy of the evidence gathering process. FSIS products eliminate the time consuming stitching process completely. In side-by-side testing comparisons using real case evidence, FSIS II provided faster scans, sharper focus and ease of image capture over competing systems. More critically, FSIS II was found capable of detecting latent evidence undetectable by the other systems, helping make a significant difference in an active investigation even before FSIS II hit the market.”   

GA-EMS offers a family of FSIS products for use in forensic laboratories and in portable configurations designed to support mobile and field operations use. All FSIS products are compatible with the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) submission and data management system.

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