San Diego Company Donates Radiation Safety Instruments to Emergency Workers at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

Mar 23, 2011

General Atomics Electronics Systems rushes electronic alarming dosimeters to Japanese workers

San Diego, CA. – In response to the natural disasters in Japan, General Atomics Electronic Systems, Inc. (GA-ESI) ( has sent its entire remaining inventory of DOSE-GARD® Microelectronic Alarming Dosimeters to Tokyo Electric Power Company.

These devices, called dosimeters because they measure radiation dose, are worn by workers in a radiation area. The dosimeters have alarms to warn users when they reach pre-determined maximum exposure levels, assuring workers are safe from over-exposure. The magnitude of the crises at the Fukushima Daiichi reactors lead directly to the need for additional instruments as workers were rotated in and out of the plant to minimize their health and safety risks.

Matthew Siegel, President and CEO of GA-ESI, “After calling my colleagues in Japan, I was told these dosimeters were needed and they would be a big help. I wanted to contribute and protect the emergency responders courageously working at the impacted nuclear plants. It seems to me that this is our corporate responsibility, so I directed my team to pack up everything we had and get it on a plane to Japan. Our prayers are with all of the Japanese people.”

About GA-ESI
GA-ESI, an affiliate of San Diego-based General Atomics, is the world leader in electronic dosimetry. GA-ESI is comprised of five product lines involving different aspects of energy including petroleum and chemical industries, nuclear power and radiation monitoring, and high-power systems and components.


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