Radiation Monitoring Systems Users' Group

The GA-EMS Radiation Monitoring System (RMS) Users' Group is a professional organization dedicated to assisting members with effective system management and protecting the health and safety of its members, their employees, and the public. This is accomplished through:

  • On-going communications between GA-EMS and members
  • Fostering communication between members
  • Professional development and training opportunities

RMS Users' Group membership is open to all domestic and foreign utilities and facilities. Voting membership is limited to utilities that own GA-EMS equipment. Officers are utility members elected by the membership. Other users and/or individuals may take advantage of Users' Group opportunities as non-voting members or as non-members (subject to the Users' Group Charter Bylaws). Participants represent the various disciplines with RMS responsibilities, i.e., health physics, instrumentation & control, maintenance, chemistry, and engineering.

Meetings are held annually. GA-EMS training classes, workshops, and host plant tours are often held in conjunction with the meeting. Agendas are prepared by the Users' Group Chairman and are composed of:

  • User presentations: topics include operation, maintenance, calibration, licensing, and engineering
  • Invited speakers: presentations offered by representatives from regulatory agencies, national labs, research institutes, GA-EMS subcontractors.
  • GA-EMS presentations: topics covering new developments, product improvements and user feedback
  • Breakout sessions: informal group discussions of topics and issues related to specific disciplines
  • Open forum: discussions include user concerns, issues and Q&A. Technical subcommittee meetings are formed and scheduled as necessary for specific topics of interest.