Radiation Monitoring Systems Customer Service

Customer Service General Business Hours
6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. PST
Monday through Friday
+1 (800) 252-1180

Return Material Authorization (RMA) Information
Please contact RMS.service@ga.com to request an RMA prior to returning any product or part. In addition to the RMA number, we will provide you with the delivery address and additional details required to support your request.

Spares and Repairs
General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems' (GA-EMS) dedicated repair and test facilities accommodate the fabrication, repair, and testing of equipment and existing parts, as well as the purchase of spare parts. GA-EMS provides lifecycle logistical support to keep equipment on-line and operating costs low.

Field Service Support
GA-EMS field service representatives are highly experienced in factory and on-site installation, trouble-shooting and training. Our staff undergoes extensive background screening and annual fitness-for-duty physicals conducted in accordance with ANSI/ANS 3.3, 1982.  Each staff member is certified suitable for unescorted access, ensuring personnel and plant safety and security.

GA-EMS' comprehensive training curriculum is tailored to meet site-specific instrumentation and control, computer systems, operation, and maintenance requirements. Our instructors are highly experienced field service personnel and expert technical trainers, with extensive working knowledge of each system, providing customers with a comprehensive, thorough training experience. Courses can be scheduled at GA-EMS or on-site.

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All GA-EMS products include comprehensive equipment and technical documentation containing site-specific information, including monitor drawings and illustrations, technical manuals, test procedures and detector calibration reports. The manuals also contain the recommended spare parts listing for easy reference and ordering.