New York State Emergency Workers Receive Modern Radiation Exposure Protection

Mar 03, 2011

New York orders more DOSE-GARD® personal protection devices due to increasing concerns over possible radiological hazards.

General Atomics Electronic Systems Inc. (GA-ESI) announced that the New York State Office of Emergency Management purchased another 850 of its DOSE-GARD® Emergency Responder Electronic Alarming Dosimeters for deployment to the responders to radiological emergencies throughout the state. Previously, the Office of Emergency Management had purchased and deployed 1,100 DOSE-GARD® dosimeters for use by the State Police, Department of Health, Department of Transportation, and the Emergency Management Office workers.

These devices, called dosimeters because they measure radiation dose, use proprietary technology developed specifically for this application by GA-ESI to provide the necessary durability and ruggedness while still keeping the costs low enough to allow widespread distribution to any worker who might respond to a nuclear or radiological event. The GA-ESI dosimeters are intended to be worn by workers in high-risk environments, and by emergency workers who would be called upon to respond to any event, rescuing people and protecting property from further damage. These include fire and medical personnel, police, National Guard members, and utility and transportation workers and other specialized occupations.

Matthew Siegel, President and CEO of GA-ESI, applauded New York’s commitment to the safety of all its responders, stating “New York has shown real leadership in protecting its emergency responders in all areas and jobs throughout the state. DOSE-GARD® is the most advanced dose management system available specifically for emergency responders, and all New York workers can be assured that their government has put their safety first.”

Similar DOSE-GARD® systems are in use around the country by firefighters, hazardous materials teams, law enforcement, emergency medical technicians, transportation workers, utility workers, and others who might be called upon to respond to radiological emergencies.

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