General Atomics Introduces UV, Everest 355-8


Jul 27, 2005

San Diego, CA - July 27, 2005 - The Commercial Laser Group of General Atomics has expanded its comprehensive Everest™ family of solid-state diode-pumped Q-switched lasers, for high precision micromachining, by introducing the Everest 355-8. The Everest 355-8 is a high power neodymium laser that delivers 0.8 mJ per pulse at a repetition rate of 10 kHz. The Everest 355-8 can be operated at pulse repetition rates as high as 50 kHz, while maintaining short pulse durations and excellent beam characteristics (M2 < 1.4).

Current commercial ultraviolet (UV) lasers exhibit long pulse duration and low peak power. The Everest 355-8 offers high average power at repetition rates up to 50 kHz and has a pulse width of

~4 ns giving the Everest 355-8 the highest peak power in its class. High peak power and short pulses play an important role in reducing heat affected zones. The Everest 355-8 with its short pulse and high peak power coupled with the industrially hard design found in all the Everest products make it the perfect source for applications such as wafer dicing, via drilling, scribing, glass processing, cutting LCD displays, etc.

The Commercial Laser Group also manufactures 25W and 2W 1064nm lasers, 15W and 1W 532nm lasers, and the Everest SuperPulseTM, a patented dual-pulse format laser.

For more information, please visit or contact Michael Armas, Director, Commercial Laser Group, at (858) 457-8788 or Doug Fouquet, General Atomics Public Relations, at (858) 455-2173.

About General Atomics

General Atomics, founded in 1955 with corporate headquarters in San Diego, CA, specializes in diversified research, development, and manufacturing in defense, energy and other advanced technology arenas. General Atomics' Photonics and Electro-Optics Systems sector is focused on the development of advanced laser, wireless communication and sensor products.

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