General Atomics’ Energy Group On Rick Perry’s Confirmation as Secretary of the Department of Energy

Washington – 03 March 2017 Today, Dr. Jeffrey Quintenz, Senior Vice President of General Atomics’Energy Group, released the following statement after the Senate voted 62-37 to confirmGovernor Rick Perry as the next U.S. Secretary of Energy:

“We at General Atomics congratulate Secretary Perry on his confirmation as the new head of theDepartment of Energy. Under Secretary Perry’s leadership, we look forward to continuing ourstrong, long-term relationships with the Office of Science, Office of Nuclear Energy and theNational Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). Together, we strive to advance our nation’stechnology leadership by providing world-class energy research and development.

“Specifically, we are addressing the need for an abundant, carbon-free source of baseloadelectricity through our nuclear fission program. To maintain a diversity of energy sources, it iscritically important to increase our nation’s use of nuclear energy. General Atomics is addressingfour key challenges currently facing the nuclear industry: cost-competitiveness, perceived safetyrisks, waste production, and proliferation risk. Our Energy Multiplier Module advanced reactorconcept was developed specifically to solve each of these challenges and has already provided anearer-term benefit in advancing Accident Tolerant Fuels. Another near-term benefit of our workon advanced reactor technology is a novel way to produce Moly-99, a vital medical diagnosticisotope. This process will provide enough Moly-99 for 10 million procedures a year, roughly halfof U.S. demand. For the first time, Moly-99 will be made in the U.S. from LEU (low enricheduranium) rather than HEU (highly enriched uranium), fulfilling an important nonproliferationobjective.

“GA operates the nation’s largest fusion research facility, the DIII-D National Fusion Facility,for Fusion Enegy Sciences of the Office of Science. This research facility has helped the globalscientific community understand and control fusion plasmas and establish the scientific basis forthe operation of future fusion devices. The research performed at DIII-D provides importantsupport for the ITER international project – a consortium of 35 nations working to demonstratethe feasibility of fusion energy as a nearly limitless source of carbon-free energy. In addition,GA is fabricating several high technology products critical to the operation of ITER.

“Given GA’s role supporting the NNSA’s work ensuring the safety, security and effectiveness ofour nuclear stockpile, we welcome opportunities to continue our partnership on this vitalmission.

“Energy and national security are of the utmost importance to GA and the country, and we lookforward to working with Secretary Perry and the Department he now leads to help ensure abright future.”

About General Atomics

San Diego-based General Atomics and its affiliated companies are one of the world's leadingresources for high-technology systems ranging from the nuclear fuel cycle to electromagneticsystems, remotely operated surveillance aircraft, airborne sensors and advanced electronic,wireless and laser technologies.



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