General Atomics Electronic Systems Wins $11.5 Million EPA Contract


Mar 09, 2005

General Atomics Electronic Systems, Inc. (GA-ESI) a contract valued at $11.5 million for supplying environmental radiological air monitoring instrumentation systems as an integral part of its national Environmental Radiation Ambient Monitoring System (ERAMS) network.

GA-ESI Project Manager Brian Asamoto stated: "We are very pleased to have been awarded this contract by the US-EPA. With the cooperation of Hi-Q of San Diego, CA, and RTS of Rome, Italy, we are supplying systems for installation in 180 cities throughout the United States. These stations will transmit radiological and meteorological measurement data to a central location via satellite or wireless communication."

San Diego-based General Atomics Electronic Systems, Inc. was formerly known as Sorrento Electronics, Inc. Its product lines include radiation monitoring systems for nuclear power plants, automated bulk product distribution control systems for the petroleum and chemical distribution industries, Gulftronic® separator systems for the petroleum industry, high voltage capacitors, power supplies and pulsed power systems.


Dirk Koopman
General Atomics Electronic Systems, Inc.
(formerly Sorrento Electronics, Inc.)
4949 Greencraig Lane
San Diego, CA 92123

Doug Fouquet
Public Relations


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