General Atomics Announces Single- and Dual-Module Gulftronic Systems

SAN DIEGO, CA, 02 July 2018 - General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS) announced today it is delivering Single-Module and Dual-Module Gulftronic™ Electrostatic Separator systems to support carbon black plants and other facilities with low throughput slurry oil production requirements. GA-EMS is scheduled to deliver its first Single-Module Gulftronic system in November 2018.

“Refineries around the world have been using our larger, multi-module Gulftronic systems to process higher value, higher quality slurry oil products for over 38 years,” stated Scott Forney, president of GA-EMS. “The Single-Module and Dual-Module Gulftronic systems open a new market for the Gulftronic product line, allowing plants and facilities with low throughput slurry oil requirements to realize the same benefits larger refineries have been experiencing for years, including reduced operation and maintenance costs, maximized yields, and improved profit potential.”

GA-EMS’ Single-Module and Dual-Module Gulftronic systems are designed for specialty processing applications such as carbon black, a product used for tire manufacturing, pigment in paints, ink and plastics, and laser printer toner. The Single-Module and Dual-Module Gulftronic Electrostatic Separator systems allow plants to purchase lower cost feedstocks from refineries and further clarify slurry oil on-site to meet specific requirements for various carbon black products. As worldwide demand for products such as carbon black continues to grow, plants can effectively utilize Gulftronic systems to reduce costs and significantly enhance quality and production controls.

Through a unique electrostatic process, Gulftronic separators capture and remove solids and catalyst fines from the process stream to provide higher‑value oil products with a clarity below 100 parts per million, and often well below 50 parts per million. Gulftronic separators are also impervious to fouling or blockage, resulting in less downstream contamination and significantly reduced maintenance requirements. Traditional mechanical filtration systems allow fine particles to escape capture, causing downstream blockages, buildup in filters, contamination, and increased maintenance and downtime costs.

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