General Atomics Aeronautical and Reconnaissance Systems Merge


Jun 03, 2005

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems has expanded the scope of its activity through merger with General Atomics Reconnaissance Systems. “The seamless integration of aircraft with sensor and weapon systems is crucial to providing comprehensive and timely solutions for the war fighter. It is also essential to providing more effective support for the ground forces”, stated Neal Blue, Chairman and CEO of the combined enterprise.

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, established by General Atomics Company in 1991, became an affiliate of General Atomics in 1993 and produces the Predator, Predator B Marauder, I-GNAT, and Altair series of UAV systems for US Government and allied international customers. The company also provides pilot training and support services for field operations on an international basis.

General Atomics Reconnaissance Systems produces the Magnum (Lynx) high resolution SAR/GMTI, Lynx II and Lynx ER radar systems and integrates the Magnum EO-IR high resolution imagery systems developed by General Atomics’ Photonics Division. The company also supports blue force tracking and high rate datalink technology applications.

“Because of their long endurance, General Atomics’ UAV systems can provide 24/7 situation awareness over wide areas with near instantaneous precision strike capability. The combination of aircraft and sensor systems teams reflects the depth of General Atomics commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions on a cost effective basis. It is tribute to the extraordinary leadership and demonstrated performance of both Aeronautical and Reconnaissance systems teams,” Blue said.

The Aircraft Systems Group consisting of current GA-ASI employees will report to Tom Cassidy as President. The Reconnaissance Systems Group consisting of Reconnaissance Systems employees will report to Linden P. Blue as President.

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Kimberly Kasitz
Public Relations Manager
General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc.


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