General Atomics Acoustic Detection System Successfully Performs at U.S. Army Event

SAN DIEGO, CA, 08 MAR 2018 - General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS) announced today the successful demonstration of their Fencepost acoustic detection system at the U.S. Army’s Fires Center of Excellence annual Maneuver Fires Integrated Experiment (MFIX) at Ft. Sill, in Lawton, OK. GA-EMS was invited to participate in the December 2017 event to demonstrate Fencepost capabilities in the support of Counter Unmanned Aerial System (CUAS) missions.

“Six Fencepost acoustic sensors were deployed in a networked configuration to create a passive surveillance perimeter that effectively detected and tracked small UAS threats on the range,” said Hank Rinehart, business lead for Surveillance and Sensor Systems at GA-EMS. “We were also successful in demonstrating Fencepost integrated with the U.S. Army’s Maneuver Aviation and Fires Integrated Application (MAFIA) solution, displaying threat tracks and providing updates within MAFIA. We have validated the Fencepost system against multiple groups of threats and continue to see the technology successfully provide persistent, reliable early warning, security, and surveillance capabilities under diverse operational conditions and environments.”

The MFIX event brings together military and industry partners to view and demonstrate key technology solutions to inform requirements, validate/refine concepts, address capability gaps, and assess solutions for incorporation into the future Army Warfighting Assessments.

Fencepost is a covert, lightweight, and cost effective acoustic surveillance system for CUAS, port security, and high value asset, facility and base protection applications. Fencepost provides a range of tracking and data collection capabilities and visualizations, including early warning alerts with target bearings, multiple simultaneous threat detection and tracking, and 3D-track of targets. The system can be configured with multiple networked sensors to support a wide area of coverage, from remote field operations to congested urban environments. Captured data can be integrated into existing command and control software programs to support Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, operations, and decision-support applications.

About General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems

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