GA-ASI Part of Laureate Award Winning Team for Unmanned Systems

The following press release was issued November 13, 2018 by Aviation Week announcing GA-ASI is part of a Laureate Award winning team for Unmanned Systems. To complement this release, a quote from GA-ASI leadership is offered below. For further information about GA-ASI’s involvement, please contact Media Relations at +1 (858) 524-8108 or via ASI-Media

Aviation Week Laureates

“Developing the systems and procedures to routinely and safely fly Remotely Piloted Aircraft [RPA] in the National Airspace System [NAS] is an important initiative for our company,” said Chris Seat, senior vice president of Programs, GA-ASI. “We thank NASA, the FAA, Honeywell and other collaborators who supported the successful June 12th flight of NASA’s Ikhana MQ-9 through the NAS using our Detect and Avoid AESA radar system. We also thank Aviation Week for honoring this achievement with a Laureate Award.”

Aviation Week press release:

GA-ASI press release on No Chase COA flight:


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