DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products Partners With Cryotech Deicing Technology to Launch Susterra™ Propanediol for Use in Cryotech BX36® Runway Deicing Flu

Mar 22, 2007

New Bio-Based Deicer Successfully Completed Field Trials

FORT MADISON, Iowa, and LOUDON, Tenn., March 22, 2007 - DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products LLC, a joint venture between DuPont and U.K.-based Tate & Lyle, today announced it is partnering with Cryotech Deicing Technology, a world leader in deicing solutions, to introduce Susterra™ propanediol, a new 100 percent renewably sourced product, in runway deicing formulations marketed to airports and the aviation industry. The agreement takes effect immediately. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Cryotech will market the Susterra™ propanediol runway deicer formulation under the name Cryotech BX36®. BX36®, an AMS 1435 certified fluid, underwent successful field trials at international airports, including Lambert-St. Louis International Airport in Missouri this winter. In addition, Cryotech is finalizing a trial with a courier airline for use of BX36® on their ramps. BX36® will be available for use at airports beginning the winter of 2007-2008.

Susterra™ propanediol, a 100 percent renewably sourced material, eliminates the need for petroleum-based feedstocks while providing low toxicity and biodegradability to applications such as deicing fluids, anti-freeze and heat transfer fluids. In deicing applications, it significantly reduces energy use and emissions over other propylene glycol formulations.

Cryotech's commitment to the environment is demonstrated through its certification to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. The addition of Susterra™ in the latest formulation of BX36® allows Cryotech to further that commitment by offering an environmentally preferred product, compatible with aircraft and airfield materials, that also contains a renewable resource. Susterra™ propanediol formulation of BX36® is non-persistent, readily biodegradable, meets FAA-approved specifications as safe for runways, and has lower conductivity than commonly used liquid deicers. BX36® is applied with existing equipment and is active at low temperatures (-20°F/ -29°C and below).

Susterra™ propanediol is part of a family of renewable products based on Bio-PDO™, a novel monomer that was developed jointly by DuPont and Tate & Lyle. The joint venture uses a patented biological process to convert corn into Susterra™ propanediol at its Loudon, Tenn. site. The production of Bio-PDO™ consumes 40 percent less energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent versus petroleum-based propanediol. In 2003, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency presented DuPont with its annual "Presidential Green Chemistry Award" for the research leading to the development of Bio-PDO™.

"This partnership allows Cryotech to achieve critical goals for environmentally compatible products," said Keith Johnson, president and CEO of Cryotech. "Pairing the high-quality product technology from DuPont and Tate & Lyle with the high performance and aircraft materials compatibility of BX36®, our customers now have an option that not only comes from a renewable resource, but also addresses industry concerns."

"We are excited about our partnership with Cryotech, a company with a similar focus on environmental sustainability and uncompromised performance," said Steve Mirshak, president of DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products. "Susterra™ propanediol is the second product commercialized based on this breakthrough technology. We are gaining momentum with commercial applications of Susterra™ propanediol as well as our other grades of corn-derived propanediol due to its performance, biodegradable nature, and ability to replace petroleum-derived products. Wherever a glycol is being used today, businesses should consider replacing it with our new renewable ingredient."

Cryotech Deicing Technology is a division of General Atomics International Services Corporation, a San Diego based company specializing in energy-related research and product development. Cryotech manufactures and markets environmentally compatible acetate-based highway, commercial, and airport runway deicers, as well as glycol-based aircraft deicers. Each is considered safer for the environment because they readily biodegrade and exhibit low toxicity to vegetation and aquatic life. For more information, visit

DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products L.L.C., a joint venture between global science company DuPont and global renewable ingredients manufacturer Tate & Lyle, uses innovative technology to transform sustainable raw materials into valuable ingredients for the consumer and industrial markets. The joint venture manufactures the key ingredient for DuPont™ Sorona® polymer. DuPont Tate & Lyle products include Susterra™ propanediol and Zemea™ propanediol and can be used by customers in many end uses such as cosmetics and personal care formulations, home care products, deicing fluids, anti-freeze, heat transfer fluids, polymers, and coatings.

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