Detection and Imaging Products



Corona Detection

CoronaFinder® is an easy to operate direct-view system for detecting corona and arcing in high voltage power generation and transmission equipment.

  • Clear view of corona detection under full indoor light or low light outdoor conditions
  • Camera options to record and document findings include CCD video cameras, digital cameras, and camera mounting adaptors
  • Compact, lightweight design allows for handgrip or tripod mount operation

Full Spectrum Imaging Systems (FSIS)

FSIS Lab with Full Color Camera (FSIS Color)

Our Full Spectrum Imaging System (FSIS) products identify and capture clear, high-resolution images across the UV, visible and IR spectrum. FSIS captures images of biological, chemical, pattern and trace evidence on items previously thought impossible.

  • Captures images on flat, curved and textured surfaces
  • Eliminates photo-stitching
  • High resolution image capture from micro evidence to large objects
  • Compatible with Automated Fingerprint Identification System
  • Complete systems for lab and mobile field use

CrimeCam Examiner+

CrimeCam Examiner+ - Forensic Photography

Forensic Photography

The CrimeCam Examiner+ is an all-in-one forensic camera and lighting system to detect, gather, and photograph crime scene evidence. CrimeCam Examiner+ makes forensic photography easier by combining a powerful camera with a convenient single, “hands-free” Ring Light lighting source, providing users with greater flexibility and freedom of movement to illuminate forensic evidence.