PumpControl System

PumpControl System

The PumpControl System is a flexible, scalable and user-friendly computer that can be easily integrated with terminal automation systems through the network, or hardware pump demands from any electronic preset device. The PumpControl System allows both the hardware and the software platform to easily communicate with other computer systems through OPC-compliant communications.


  • Flexible operations
  • Expandable configurations
  • Configurable 5-step staging
  • Pump start, stop and sequence configurable delay timers
  • Automatic or manual pump stage rotation
  • Automatic and configurable pump recirculation feature
  • Analog line pressure trend monitoring
  • Touch-screen HMI interface
  • Standard or custom enclosures available

DC Status Inputs
20-28 VDC (sink/source) voltage range, 6 mA @ 24 VDC per input
OFF voltage level = 7 VDC maximum
ON voltage level = 19 VDC minimum
3.9 kO input impedance
ON-OFF response 3 to 9 ms

DC Status Outputs
5-30 VDC / 5-240 VAC
Relay, form A (SPST)
4A slow blow fused, replaceable

10BaseT Ethernet, 10 Mbps
TCP/IP or IPX communications
Ethernet protocols
Optional fiber optic 10BaseFL