DataVantyx™ Terminal Management System

DataVantyx™ Terminal Management System (DV-TMS)
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The DataVantyx™ Terminal Management System (DV-TMS) is an integrated 64-bit solution for the automation, management, operation, and maintenance of assets for any size terminal operation and bulk product inventory, including oil, gas, chemical, fertilizer, refined products, LPG, or LNG.

Terminal Management to Fit Your Needs

  • Process Transactions
  • Control Orders/Allocation
  • Process Monitoring and Control
  • Inventory Management
  • Reports Generation, Bills of Lading
  • Interface to Company-wide Systems and Network

DV-TMS integrates with and controls loading racks and field-level devices for faster, more secure driver login and access, transaction processing, dispatching, manifest generation, and inventory control. DV-TMS interfaces with corporate ERP systems to facilitate the smooth exchange of data through a company’s network. With an intuitive web interface, operators can quickly access and process information to manage operations, product movement, and customer transactions. As operations grow, DV-TMS provides the flexibility needed to easily add new products and additives, or to install additional field devices, databases, printers, and equipment.


  • Unlimited load-rack connections and client access included
  • Windows environment, reliability of Linux
  • Scalable, open architecture
  • Easy integration to industry devices
  • ODBC-compliant, full relational database
  • NTEP Weights and Measures certified
  • Easy to deploy, fast start-up and processing
  • Latest cybersecurity features included
  • Safe, secure company-wide access to data
  • 24/7/365 lifetime support
  • Customization services and support
  • In-depth training