Neal Blue

Neal Blue

Chairman & CEO
General Atomics

Neal Blue is Chairman and CEO of privately held General Atomics (GA), San Diego. GA is an internationally diversified enterprise including over 15,000 employees.

The group includes GA Aeronautical which produces unmanned aircraft, electro-optical, radar, signals intelligence, laser communication and automated airborne ISR systems.

GA's EMS Division produces the Navy's new aircraft carrier electromagnetic launch and recovery systems, satellite surveillance, laser, hypervelocity projectile, and power conversion systems.

GA-CCRi provides multi domain data to knowledge analytics for delivering high fidelity situational awareness and predictive analysis.

GA energy research includes next generation nuclear fission and its internationally recognized DIII-D and inertial confinement fusion programs for the US DOE, including construction of the superconducting magnet powering the 35 country ITER fusion project in France.

Other related enterprises include GA Europe, its subsidiaries in Germany, and real estate, agriculture, mining and oil & gas in the US, Australia, UAE and Canada.

Neal Blue graduated from Yale, is a pilot, and served in the U.S. Air Force. He is a former Trustee of the Salk Institute and UCSD Foundations, and is a member of Yale's, Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, the Hudson Institute, CNAS and Atlantic Council Advisory Boards.

During college years he was a correspondent for the Yale Daily News/New York Times Paris-Calcutta Expedition, and was featured in Life Magazine, with his brother, for having flown a single engine aircraft around South America. Subsequently, he developed a cocoa and banana plantation in Nicaragua.