Military (Mil-Spec) Capacitors

MIL-Spec products require extensive testing, qualification, an approved quality system, baseline process control, tight tolerances with minimum variability, and long-term product availability and support. GA-EMS’ extensive expertise in R&D, engineering, new product development, and manufacturing allows us to deliver the highest quality custom capacitors specifically designed for military research projects and fielded systems around the globe.

Our products are on the forefront of pulsed power technology, and can be found in the power systems of particle accelerators, pulsed high-field magnets, excimer lasers, high power microwave sources and other applications worldwide. GA-EMS’ latest capacitor technologies are deployed in military systems such as radars, and are being incorporated into new systems such as the Navy’s Electromagnetic Aircraft Launcher (EMALS), Advanced Arresting Gear (AAG,) and EML Proof-of-Concept.

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