SRB® Products

SRB is a unique solution for data management within diverse and distributed environments. It provides IT managers with a powerful set of capabilities in data management including the ability to:

  • Enable a global namespace
  • Extract and manage metadata
  • Manage and execute queries for quick and simple data discovery
  • Migrate data transparently among data centers or tiers of storage
  • Back-up and restore files
  • Ensure data security with encryption, authentication and access control lists
  • Scale to manage increasing data movement and volume with ease
  • Manage end user access and create reports based on logs and audit trails
  • Issue tickets to external or internal users for limited access to data with time and access count limits

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SRB Enterprise – An extremely powerful cross-organizational software layer that federates all of an organization's data management, access, archival, search, and organization requirements. SRB Enterprise is used to quickly implement ILM and to handle compliance-related data management tasks enterprise-wide. SRB Enterprise can scale from a few TB to multiple PB of data under management.

SRB Professional – A departmental solution designed to simplify and unify access to local data repositories. SRB Professional comes with capacity that suits most departmental environments. SRB Professional can easily be upgraded for more capacity or into an SRB Enterprise to support cross-organizational expansion.

SRB Express – A single instance of SRB that fits on a laptop and can be used by developers to implement and test their applications against the SRB APIs and its SDK. SRB Express can not be upgraded. It can, however, with a new license from Nirvana connect to other SRB Express Federations to form larger development environments.

SRB can be customized to suit industry-specific needs. Nirvana and partners have developed custom SRB solutions for government agencies, geospatial industries, life sciences & healthcare, oil & gas, and manufacturing.