Nirvana Manufacturing

Join HPC centers and NIC systems to accelerate research and development.

Nirvana can be used to federate geographically distributed high-performance computing centers, enabling designers and researchers to share design and simulation data across organizational divisions, geography, even with other companies joined in collaborative initiatives.  NIC systems that are co-located, but not effectively federated for data sharing, can be easily federated by Nirvana so that researchers and designers are presented with a global view of all data related to a project, regardless of location.

Examples include CAD/CAM data, images, simulation (crash and wind-tunnel) data, DB queries and other sensor or analytic data that would be more valuable if more effectively shared among collaborating teams. Supercomputing islands can be federated, locations spanned, and storage systems – from legacy tape to modern SAN and NAS, file systems and databases – easily presented in a unified view with Nirvana.

With Nirvana, a Global Namespace can be established, federating multiple locations, NIC systems and a variety of heterogeneous storage systems. Researchers and designers are presented with a simple, unified view of the data they need to accelerate research and development efforts.

Nirvana at Work: Case Studies