Nirvana Intelligence & Security [ARCHIVED]


Information dissemination and data discovery are among the biggest challenges in data management, especially when military intelligence or homeland security are involved. Future battles will be fought with IT as strategic weaponry, which demands cutting-edge capabilities and performance to manage large amounts of data available in real-time to commanders across the globe with the ability to pool all relevant information in one access point.

Nirvana is one of the few technologies that meet such exacting challenges with its abilities to connect diverse, scattered and mobile data sources and storage systems to bring relevant data securely to the right personnel, while providing advanced metadata extraction and search capabilities. For example: intelligence sensor data collected by UAVs can be registered with Nirvana along with customizable fields of metadata such as geographical coordinates of the target object, target description, change status, which enable discovery and analysis to maximize intelligence data value.

Nirvana provides solutions for intelligence and security agencies to increase efficiency, enhance security functionality and give administrators greater control over data access, storage and retrieval:

Secure Agency Sharing
Sharing data securely among intelligence agencies, security agencies and private organizations can be difficult and sometimes even impossible. Nirvana enables cross-agency data sharing with the ability to set access levels from one administrator interface. End users can easily search for current and archived material across databases and systems, leading to increased productivity and more meaningful collaborations.

Agency Integration
Nirvana helps agencies integrate data that originated in heterogeneous, distributed databases, diverse file systems, web servers, etc. This makes it extremely simple for an end user to get a logical view of this distributed information. Nirvana assures that the right people have required access when they need it most.

Agency System Scalability
Information is growing exponentially for many intelligence and security agencies. Nirvana is scalable and it can migrate forward to new storage technologies without interrupting the information flow.

Data Discovery
Nirvana addresses data discovery and indexing by employing a global phonebook (logical namespace) into which every data object can be registered. Using metadata, the logical namespace can group related data objects together even if they reside on physically disparate and incompatible storage systems.

Central Management of Data
Nirvana is designed with a centralized management structure. This includes replication of data between storage resources, access and group management, recording and monitoring of audit trails, managing metadata schemes, and managing storage resources and their access rights. Nirvana replication eliminates the need for a separate backup solution and makes migration to new systems seamless.

Nirvana at Work: Case Studies