Nirvana Geospatial Industries Solutions

From small map producers to large government agencies, GIS organizations struggle with the rapid growth and increasing complexity of large-scale GIS implementations. An integrated component of Image Storage Architecture (ISA), Nirvana MapServer enables easy access to EMC storage products for improved discovery, access, and management of digital image files. Users and Administrators alike benefit from an abstracted, independent view of all digital image data.

Precisely addressing user needs, Nirvana MapServer allows access to diverse, heterogeneous data, support for a wide variety of storage systems, and configuration flexibility to accommodate rapid growth and increasing complexity.

Nirvana MapServer is client/server middleware that connects GIS applications with diverse data resources including file systems on Storage Area Networks (SANs) or Network Attached Storage devices (NAS), and online Centera disk archives. Using Nirvana MapServer, many layers of data from disparate sources and formats can be assembled and grouped into logical Data Collections, for transparent access by GIS applications.

The result is an effective mechanism for managing rapidly-expanding GIS data stores. Nirvana MapServer, as part of the complete ISA offering, scales easily, from single storage subsystems to very large Collections, and provides multiple user interfaces, including Windows gateways and simple point-and-click Java applications.

Nirvana MapServer Product Offering

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