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Telescience for Advanced Tomography Applications

Neuroscience - Microscopy

The Telescience Portal provides a single point of access to the tools and resources required to conduct biological studies involving tomography. The system is designed specifically for electron tomography to guide the user through the process from acquisition to analysis, to track their progress and to provide access to richly integrated tools. Although the project is geared towards tomography, it will serve as a model for other applications.

National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research
The San Diego Supercomputing Center

Data Size
Each file has size of 600-800 MB

Nirvana Solution
The Telescience Portal's close integration with Nirvana frees scientists from the tasks associated with large volume data storage and maintenance, providing an easy-to-use interface to access distributed, high performance and long-term storage resources. The Telescience Portal, using Nirvana technology, automatically discriminates the type of data and combined with frequency of use information, deposits the data into the appropriate storage resources.

This system is capable of depositing data securely across heterogeneous media, storage systems, and computational domains. The Telescience Portal ultimately eliminates the need for scientists to track and manage their data manually by providing the Telescience Portal’s applications with the appropriate data on demand.