Maxwell Energy Products

General Atomics Energy Products, formerly Maxwell Energy Products, acquired the Maxwell High Voltage Capacitor product line and manufacturing facility in March 2000. We retained the same Maxwell 5 digit capacitor part numbers and most of these capacitors are still available for your application. If you need a Maxwell High Voltage Capacitor, please contact us.

General Atomics Energy Products is globally recognized as the leading U.S. developer and manufacturer of advanced film capacitors, high voltage capacitors, high energy capacitors, metallized capacitors and high current capacitors for pulse power and other demanding applications. Our primary markets include national laboratories and universities, energy and defense contractors, and medical and industrial companies around the world. In addition to capacitors, we develop and manufacture high voltage power supplies and pulse power systems, and provide other components such as resistors, fuses, and PFN's.

Our workforce is dedicated to providing quality products on-time, with emphasis on customer support. Our facility, located in San Diego, California, is ISO 9001:2000 certified, so you can feel confident about purchasing our products.

General Atomics Energy Products
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