Host and Billing Interfaces

Host and Billing Interfaces

Interfaces to Telvent/DTN PDXR (TABS), PDXB (PETROEX) and TDS services are optional features. PDXR (TABS) is the real-time communications link while PDXB (PETROEX) provides batch information.

An optional feature is the Exchange Loading Validation and Invoicing System that bypasses the expensive GE service charges. This standard communications protocol allows data transfer between the TMS3000 system and an exchange partner's computer system. TMS3000 can upload driver-captured and transaction data to the host system. Host systems can upload load authorization data to TMS3000.

Using TABS module, licensed exchange partners can:

  • Authorize their customers to load product at the terminal
  • Receive the load transaction data in real time
  • Produce cost-adjusted invoices immediately

Other direct interfaces include:

  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • JD Edwards
  • Peoplesoft