Diagnostics and Characterization

From high-speed imaging to plasma diagnostics to characterizing micrometer-scale features of sub-millimeter-scale components, General Atomics has decades of experience in delivering world-leading analytical services for some of the most important scientific research taking place in the energy sector. Innovations that GA researchers have delivered to government and private clients continue to provide value across a wide range of scientific fields.

In addition to supplying the ITER Central Solenoid, GA is providing diagnostics for measuring plasma density profiles and distribution.

GA's decades of experience in plasma diagnostics has been a key factor in the success of the DIII-D Research Program, which GA operates for the Department of Energy.

For High-Energy-Density (HED) Physics
HED experiments require precise, ultra-high-speed instruments to record implosion events and related data. GA has pioneered cutting-edge imaging systems for the NIF and other clients.

  • DIXI
  • Bremsstrahlung

Fusion Plasma Diagnostics
GA has been supplying technology and expertise for analysis and measurements of high-temperature plasmas for more than 25 years. Our products and capabilities include:

  • Gamma-Ray imaging
  • Interferometry
  • Thomson Scattering
  • Polychromators

Low-Temperature Plasma Processing
GA has applied its long experience with high-temperature plasmas to a wide variety of spinoff technologies relying on low-temperature plasmas, in fields such as medicine, materials science, and transportation.

Metrology and Characterization
GA has an array of sophisticated metrology and characterization tools including precision X-radiography, laser interferometry, energy-dispersive spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy.

  • Microscopy Services (SEM)
  • Water Permeation Evaluation
  • Materials Characterization
  • Analytical Services