Cylindrical Components

General Atomics can fabricate complicated cylindrical components in a number of materials with high precision.

Hollow cylindrical components are made in three steps, involving micro machining of a mandrel, electroplating it and then etching away the mandrel.

We have made gold hohlraums for the ICF program, some of which are displayed in the photograph; at this stage, they are still mounted upon their mandrels. The dime gives an indication of scale.

General Atomics has produced a wide variety of hollow cylindrical gold hohlraums.

We fabricated a double walled mandrel by alternating plating and machining steps as shown in the figure, where red represents copper and yellow signifies gold. In F), the copper has been etched away to leave the final product.

The horizontal wire extending through the double-walled hohlraum is a human hair.



We can also make parts of more than one material, as the alternating gold and silver rings shown in the photograph, still mounted upon a zinc mandrel.